Trinity Church is affiliated with the Diocese of New Jersey, the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Here is a brief description of each organization, along with links to related websites.

Diocese of NJ - New

The Diocese of New Jersey is the local representative for the Episcopal Church in 14 central and southern counties in New Jersey. The diocese has about 145 parishes, mission churches and campus ministries in an area from Elizabeth to Cape May. They are governed by the Diocesan Bishop, whose offices and cathedral church, Trinity Cathedral, are in Trenton.

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Diocese of New Jersey
Trinity Cathedral
Diocesan Youth Ministry
Community of St. John Baptist, a religious order based in Mendham.
Diocese of Newark, responsible for New Jersey’s seven northernmost counties.

Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church, also known as the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A., traces its heritage to the start of Christianity. The church is  based in New York, operates in 16 countries and territories outside the U.S., and is led by a Presiding Bishop. The Diocese of New Jersey is the church’s second-oldest diocese, after the Diocese of Connecticut.

Early settlers and missionaries from England established the church in the U.S., and it was originally an outpost of the Church of England. After the Revolutionary War, the ties were severed and the American church became independent.​

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Episcopal Church
Episcopal News Service
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
Province 2, a regional group that includes the Diocese of New Jersey.
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York
General Theological Seminary, New York
Episcopal religious orders and faith communities
Seaman’s Church Institute, North America’s largest mariners’ service agency.

Anglican Communion - Primates

The Anglican Communion is a worldwide association of churches that generally agree with the Church of England about essential doctrine. National and regional Anglican churches, including the Episcopal Church, are part of the communion.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who heads the Church of England, has a place of honor over other archbishops within the communion. He is considered first among equals, though he has no formal governing authority.

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Anglican Communion
Anglican Communion News Service
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
Church of England